Platina University Residence in Salamanca

Nexo family is growing! We are excited to announce the upcoming opening of our new residence in Salamanca, the university city of excellence! The new Residencia Universitaria Platina will be a perfect place to live your best university years.


Getting to class quickly has never been so easy. The Residencia Platina is right on the university campus near both The University of Salamanca and The Pontifical University of Salamanca.


Platina hall will have 260 rooms, which means you’ll have a chance to make 259 new friends to share your student living experience with!

The new residence will be made up of single rooms. You will have your own kitchen, desk, chair, bed and bathroom.


Salamanca is one of the Spanish university cities of excellence. It has the oldest university in the country, and if you dare to walk in front of its facade you can try to find the famous frog. If you don’t find it, don’t worry.. you can always take a look at the rest of the people trying to find the famous frog!

In Salamanca you can find the best atmosphere to go out with your new friends from Platina. You will be able to enjoy a drink in the Plaza Mayor or the best gastronomy in the narrow streets of the old town.


  • Platina Residence
  • ADDRESS: C/ Dolores Barberá París, 19 (37007 Salamanca).
  • TELEPHONE: +34 91 206 29 00
  • EMAIL:
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Do you know what sets us apart from the rest of the residence halls in Salamanca? Our Plan Go.

With our Plan Go we guarantee that you won’t get bored. Your university years are only lived once and that’s why, at Nexo Residences, we like our residents to live the university experience to the fullest. Plan Go has so many activities that you have no chance to find boredom at our residence whilst you study to pass your degree.

What does Plan Go consist of?

Plan Go is made up of the following activities to make sure you’re never bored;

Personal development activities

We will teach you about cooking, sexology, social entrepreneurship, protocol and you will do a lot of professional development activities that you are not taught at university, such as CV writing and job skills.

Cultural activities

Salamanca is a city full of cultural activities. In our residence we organise activities to go all together on various trips. The Museum of the History of the Automobile, or the Traditional Bull Carnival and then go to eat a good hornazo or rosquillas de Ledesma (typical food of Salamanca).

Social responsibility activities

Social activities help to grow as a person. In Platina student accommodation you can participate in campaigns to collect food and clothes for those people in need.

Sports activities

There is no point in spending hours and hours in class and studying if you are not physically fit afterwards. Here, at the best student residence in Salamanca, we encourage all residents to participate in a number of activities and sport games. You will have the opportunity to join a football or basketball team and you can even do yoga after class.

We like you to tell us what you like to do so that we can help you and teach you everything you need.