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Refer a Friend - Picture

Refer a friend when you book!

If your friend mentions you in their booking, you'll receive a €50 Amazon voucher!

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Let us show you how we can make your year unforgettable!

It’s never too late to love another - make the move to Nexo!

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Enjoy lower room rates with 5 day Full Board option available now!

Eat well, stay safe and book at better rates with new full board options available for 5 or days in Lope de Vega, Garbí, Aleu, Oviedo Aller & Platina residences.

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Share a double room with friend pic

Only available in some residents

Share a room with your friend and get vouchers!!!

Bring your friend along to stay with you, and get you both receive €250 Amazon vouchers!!

preferential rate pic

Available only in Platina

Preferential Rate Offer

Grab it when you can - this offer is valid from June 18th until December 31st 2021 and valid for a limited number of bookings only!