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Cancellation policy 2021-22

Contract duration

The duration of the Contract must be at least 9 months between

12:00 on the day of entry and 12:00 on the day of departure set out

in the Accommodation Agreement. Other periods of stay in the

Residence may be agreed upon and established in the application of the Accommodation Agreement.

Contract Extension

The duration may only be extended, by express agreement of both

parties, by granting a new Contract or an extension annexe to the

original Contract. For this purpose, and upon completion of the

Contract, the Resident who has an interest in remaining in the

Residence for a period longer than that set forth in the Contract, as

the case may be, shall communicate it to the Address of residence at

least two months in advance and in writing, regarding the expiration

date of this Agreement. The extensions you subscribe to will be made

for full weeks and not for months. Unilateral extension of the stay is not permitted. All extensions must be authorized by the Address of the Residence.

Early Abandonment or Cancellation

In the event of early abandonment or cancellation of the Plaza, thus

not fulfilling the total duration of the Contract, the Resident shall not

be entitled to the return of the Deposit. In addition, you will also not

be entitled to a refund of the Security Deposit, unless you notify the

Residence at least one month in advance and in writing. In this case,

the Security Deposit will be applied to the payment of the last

effective month of stay.

Cancellation for non-grant of a place at the university

Only in the event of a possible non-grant of a university square within

the province where the Residence is located, and upon delivery in

Administration of the Residence of the proof of payment of the tuition

of the University of another province other than that of the Residence,

in which it does have a place granted, will the payment of the

aforementioned Reservation of Plaza (Deposit + Security Deposit) be


Cancellation for Justified Cause

In the event that the early cancellation of the Plaza is motivated by

serious personal reasons, unpredictable and beyond the will of the

Resident, both the Security Deposit and the Deposit will be refunded,

provided that it is well accredited to the Residence and under its sole

discretion, the cause of the termination of the contract with the

corresponding proof. If the case does not remain, in the opinion of the

Manager of the Residence, sufficiently accredited, the cancellation of

the Plaza will be considered voluntary and, therefore, the Resident

and/or the Payer will not be entitled to the refund of the money


In the case of early cancellation of the place by a Resident who would

have been accepted to pay for the stay at the Residence or College in

an annual mode, the refund of this annual payment will be penalized,

for any of the reasons set out in this Agreement and the calculation

of the amount to be refunded will be made in accordance with the

split payment rate and the actual end date of the Contract, thus

losing in its refund, the 5% discount applied to the annual payment