Residencia Universitaria Salamanca

If you have decided to stay in a Student Residence in Salamanca, you have made the best decision because not only will you live next to the faculty, but you will also have a great time and make lots of friends.

If you come to live in our new Salamanca student residence, you will have all the faculties so close that you will be able to forget about the annoying morning traffic jams because you will not need to take the car or public transport.


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    Coming to Salamanca to study is one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Salamanca is a city that was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1988. What activities might you be doing in Salamanca?

    Traditional festivals:

    1. Las Águedas

    On 5 February, the Day of the Ages is celebrated every year in Salamanca. This day celebrates the bravery of a woman who was later harshly punished for distracting an Arab so that the men could recover the Alcazar in the 11th century.

    2. Water Monday

    This tradition dates back to the 16th century when King Philip II banished the prostitutes to the other side of the river every Ash Wednesday, and then on Easter Monday the “father- whores” brought them back. For this reason, the return of the prostitutes is celebrated every 24th April. This day is celebrated by going out for a picnic on the Roman bridge.

    3. Moss Men

    This tradition was declared a festival of cultural interest in 1998. It is celebrated on the Sunday after Thursday corpus and the men go out into the streets with their bodies covered with moss. Legend has it that a group of men covered themselves with moss to assault the fortress.

    In addition to these traditional celebrations of Salamanca you will have a lot of bars and discos with which you will have fun with your new friends from university and residence. Salamanca is a city famous for its university parties.

    If you are a person who likes to be enriched with culture and history you will not be short of museums to visit, you can visit the Museum of the History of the Automobile and the House-Museum of Unamuno.

    Salamanca is also a very rich place in terms of gastronomy and you will find yourself enjoying all the typical foods of the city with your new friends. You can enjoy hornazo, ledesma doughnuts, farinato, armuña lentils and many other traditional dishes.

    Do not hesitate to come and visit our new University Residence Hall in Salamanca. We will welcome you with open arms and will be delighted to meet you.