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We want you to feel at home and that is why we offer you the best services, so that you live at your own pace and with all the comforts you need.

We have everything thought through, you will not only have covered the utilities (water, electricity, heating and air conditioning), but you can also enjoy a Wi-Fi connection at the speed of light, Netflix to follow all your favorite series and discover the ones that your new neighbors recommended, and outdoor areas, so you can read your favorite book while escaping from your notes.

All our residences include weekly cleaning service. Our team will pass by once a week to leave the room spotless and change your sheets and towels. Of course, keeping it perfect the rest of the week is in your hands. In the common areas the cleaning will be done on a daily basis, so you will always find them perfect and ready to use

Nexo Residences Services
Laundry Serveice included

Although we know no one really tlaks about it we know that one of the things that you miss most when you are away from home is the bathroom, so in Nexo Residencias all rooms have a private bathroom. Morning struggles to get to the shower do not exist in our residences.

The rooms are fully equipped. You will not miss anything: bed with viscoelastic mattress, a large desk to study, kitchenette-office (fridge, freezer, microwave, sink and pantry) storage space and plenty of natural light to illuminate your best selfies. Are you already packing? Remember that you don’t need to bring towels, bedding, pillow or duvet, that’s what we do here!


If you prefer to study with other fellows in all our residences you will find silent study areas to be able to concentrate fully and others where to study as a team so that you can rehearse your presentation. We want to be part of your projects and be the incubator of the leading companies of the future, so you will also have coworking spaces where you can start shaping your ideas.

study zone in a student residence
common areas in a student residence

TThere are also common areas to share your free time with other students. You will have a living room, play area to disconnect, Play Stations, football tables, terraces where you can enjoy the sun of our beautiful cities and movie theaters where you can see the Star Wars saga – once again..


UOne of the strengths of our residences is the restaurant service, our Plan Eat. In almost all of our residences the full board is included in the price, except for the Claraval residence and the Garbí residence, in the latter the service is optional.

You will have breakfast, lunch and dinner service every day, weekends included. You will enjoy a varied and balanced daily menu. If you have any type of allergy or special diet, just let us know and we will prepare a menu tailored to your needs.

Besides the restaurant, and depending on the residence you choose, you will also find a cafeteria where you can break after so many hours of study: La Combera.

full board in a student residence
student residence with gym

We know that in many residences the schedules are hot topic. Schedules to leave and schedules to enter. In Nexo Residencias we want to be your home 24/7 and, therefore, give you freedom to manage your time as you see fit. You can enter or leave at the time you want, with your electronic key you will have no problem. In our residences you will not have time restrictions.

On the other hand, if your favorite hand cream is only sold in Japan and your best friend is on an existential trip in Thailand, don’t worry, we have parcel and mail service. Lost packages do not exist at Nexo Residences.

Although we know that talking about security sounds a bit boring, it needs to be highlighted. We have security personnel at your disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, we have a 24-hour CCTV circuit in all common areas. Your security is essential for us.


Another unattractive, but very necessary item is laundry. We have laundry service open 24/7, so you can do laundry whenever you feel like it (or when you have time). In our laundries, apart from dryers, you will find two types of washing machines, some that provide soap and softener, and others where you use the one you prefer. You choose! By the way, payment is easy and fast, it is done via app or coins.

If you are a fan of the bike, and you have not taken off from it since you were 3, you should know that you will have free bike parking where you can leave it safely. Just remember to bring the lock and go around the city on two wheels!

If you prefer to move by motorcycle or car, we have parking service for residents. The number of places is limited so ask at the reception. We have an exclusive and special price for residents.

lavanderia residencia estudiantes
activities in a student residence

Last but not least, we have an activities agenda for residents full of plans for all tastes, the Plan Go. We want you to live your university experience to the fullest and that is why we offer you the perfect excuse to take advantage of your concerns. In Plan Go, cultural, sports, solidarity, environmental activities, and also parties and events to make meet new friends.

The perfect excuse to get inciated in the world of yoga, or be part of the football or basketball team, whatever sports you like. We participate in internal and external tournaments, we organize running routes, solidarity races, zumba classes, etc.

You can be part of meetings with professionals from different fields, if you are curious about: social entrepreneurship, ethical fashion, haute cuisine, nutritionism, sexology, feminism, protocol, etc.


Is culture something you’d like? We do exhibitions, shows and workshops, musical meetings, theater and visits to exhibition halls and museums. Or if you want to improve your cooking technique, we have cooking courses for making sushi, pizza, and even know the trick to melt with the chocolate coulant.

We also organize donation campaigns, recycle clothes, films and series marathons, etc. so that you can take advantage to see the entire Harry Potter saga or the filmography of Wes Anderson. Popcorn and others, are on us.

Prepare your proposals, because we are all ears. This is only a part of everything that awaits for you in Nexo Residencias. Are you coming to live with us?