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Rooms and rates – Lope de Vega University Residence


In the Lope de Vega University Residence, there are rooms for all tastes: Double for those who love to socialize, individual for the more independent and attic rooms for those dreamers out there. Choose the room that best fits your personality, because you will absolutely love them all. They are designed by focusing on every little detail, we have left nothing to chance.

In addition, all are fully equipped and come with all services included: from Wifi and cabled Internet, to weekly cleaning; Change of sheets and towels, independent air conditioning and heating, maintenance in case something is not working properly, etc. Not to mention the incredibly comfortable bed and your ample study and storage space. Important! All rooms have their own private bathroom, yes, all..

TWINOur standard twin rooms, the option to make Friends quickly, after all, we all know that the friends you make at Uni are friends for life!815€ (plus VAT) month/personInscription
TWIN XLA twin room in XL size, and lots of natural light thanks to its XL windows too855€ (plus VAT) month/personInscription
ATTIC TWINA twin room but with a sloping roof that gives you that "loft" feeling850€ (plus VAT) month/personInscription
ATTIC TWIN XLThe XL version of the Attic Twin895€ (plus VAT) month/personInscription
INDIVIDUALThe classic individual room, complete privacy for study and rest. You can socialise in the common areas and the fantastic patio.995€ (plus VAT) month/personInscription
INDIVIDUAL+If you have lots of stuff and you want an individual room, then this is for you. More room and an XL bed!1.035€ (plus VAT) month/personInscription
INDIVIDUAL XLDouble everything! This is the individual room which has it all, XL bed, huge windows and even more m2 to store all your stuff!1.065€ (plus VAT) month/personInscription
ATTICThe individual with and attic charm. Plus, these rooms come with a semi-private shared living area995€ (plus VAT) month/personInscription
ATTIC+The perfect attic with a big bed1.065€ (plus VAT) month/personInscription
ATTIC XLAn attic with a big bed and even more space? We’ve got it!1.115€ (plus VAT) month/personInscription


In fact, yes, it is an architectural gem; We have respected all the spaces as far as possible to offer you the best of the past and the present (even the future) together. In fact, we wanted to turn some areas into a “museum”, so as to protect the historical heritage of our amazing building. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Lope de Vega University Residence and we recommend you to come and visit us, so you can have an idea of how magnificent your new home away from home is. We are waiting for you!

Some considerations to bear in mind:

  • – Deposit: € 800
  • – Prices subject to VAT (10%)
  • – 5% discount for annual payments
  • – Minimum contract 9 months (for shorter periods, please contact us)
  • – We have wheelchair access rooms


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